Prospective Students

Welcome! Dr. Liu is glad to hear that you are excited about natural language processing and machine learning research. She wishes the following notes would be helpful in directing your inquiries about joining the UCF NLP Group.

  1. Are you an undergraduate or Masters student in Computer Science or related majors looking to get enrolled in the UCF CS PhD Program?
  2. Great. You’ll need to submit your application package to the UCF graduate program ( The admission decision will be made by the graduate admission committee. If you’re interested in working with Dr. Liu, please indicate it in the statement of purpose. It helps Dr. Liu to identify your package and give it a thorough look.

  3. Are you an undergraduate or Masters student looking to join the UCF Natural Language Processing Group?
  4. Awesome. Dr. Liu appreciate your passion, and would love to hear that you’ve made some effort towards pursuing a career in natural language processing and machine learning.

    If you’re an undergraduate student, it’d be very helpful if you are comfortable with Python programming, basic linear algebra, and have taken this online machine learning course.

    If you’re a graduate student, it’d be great if you have solid programming skills (e.g., Java/Python/C++/Matlab), be enthusiastic about natural language processing research, be persistent and committed to pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science.

  5. Are you a non-UCF graduate student looking to collaborate with Dr. Fei Liu?
  6. Great. Dr. Liu occasionally works remotely with students. This is largely based on her time availability and projects of mutual interest. It’d be great if the student has solid programming skills and research background on natural language processing.

Please feel free to send your CV, transcript, and other related documents to Dr. Liu at She won’t be able to reply to all the inquiries, however she’ll do her best to read through your applications.