Natural Language Processing Group

Picture of Fei Liu
Dr. Fei Liu
Our mission is to develop innovative and robust natural language processing technologies that improve machine understanding of human language.

We conduct basic and applied research in the following areas. Much of the technologies involve natural language processing, machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, and deep learning as applied to large-scale text data. If you’re interested in joining us, please see the Notes to Prospective Students.

Research Areas

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Summarization
  • Text Generation

Latest News

  • [July 2017] Dr. Liu will serve as a demonstrations co-chair (with Thamar Solorio) at ACL 2018.
  • [July 2017] Dr. Liu and the UCF NLP group gratefully acknowledge a gift fund from Bosch.
  • [July 2017] Paper entitled “Dependency and AMR Embeddings for Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Literature,” with Mayo Clinic researchers Yanshan Wang, Sijia Liu, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Liwei Wang, Feichen Shen, and Hongfang Liu, was accepted to ACM-BCB 2017.
  • [May 2017] Dr. Liu was selected to receive an ORC In-House Award to support research on “Decoding Vague Policy Documents.”
  • [May 2017] Dr. Liu serves as an Area Chair of IJCNLP 2017 (with Zhiyuan Liu at Tsinghua University) and NLPCC 2017 (with Shoushan Li at Soochow University).
  • [January 2017] Paper entitled “Toward Extractive Summarization of Online Forum Discussions via Hierarchical Attention Networks,” with Sansiri Tarnpradab and Kien A. Hua, was accepted to FLAIRS 2017.
  • [January 2017] Paper entitled “A Study of Question Effectiveness Using Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Threads,” with Kristjan Arumae and Guo-Jun Qi, was accepted to FLAIRS 2017.
  • [January 2017] Dr. Liu was invited to present at the UCF Board of Trustees Educational Program Committee meeting (Provost’s update section) on January 13th, 2017
  • [November 2016] Nathan Schneider from Georgetown University will present an invited talk at UCF on December 12th, 11AM at HEC 450.
  • [November 2016] Dr. Liu will co-organize a workshop entitled “New Frontiers in Summarization” with Lu Wang, Jackie Chi Kit Cheung, Giuseppe Carenini at EMNLP 2017.
  • [September 2016] Paper entitled “An Improved Phrase-based Approach to Annotating and Summarizing Student Course Responses”, collaboration with Wencan Luo and Diane Litman at U of Pittsburgh, was accepted to COLING 2016 as an Oral Presentation.
  • [September 2016] The NLP Group will host Doug Oard from U of Maryland for a visit on Friday 9/16.
  • [August 2016] Paper entitled “Modeling Language Vagueness in Privacy Policies using Deep Neural Networks”, with Nicole Fella and Kexin Liao, was accepted to AAAI 2016 Fall Symposium on Privacy and Language Technologies.
  • [July 2016] Our paper (collaboration with Pitt) was selected as a top-pick at NAACL 2016 by this blog post (1st on the list); see here (3rd on the list) for an earlier top-pick paper.
  • [June 2016] Dr. Liu co-organizes a AAAI Fall Symposium on Privacy and Language Technologies (PLT 2016) with Shomir Wilson and Alessandro Oltramari at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • [June 2016] Dr. Liu serves as an Area Chair for the text classification and summarization track at CCL 2016 together with Xiaojun Wan at Peking University
  • [May 2016] Dr. Liu will serve as a Session Chair at NAACL 2016, held in San Diego during June 12-15
  • [April 2016] Paper entitled “Crowdsourcing Annotations for Websites’ Privacy Policies: Can It Really Work?”, with Shomir Wilson, Florian Schaub, Rohan Ramanath, Norman Sadeh, Noah A. Smith, and Frederick Liu, was accepted to WWW 2016 as an Oral Presentation and a Best Paper Finalist (5 out of 727 research submissions).
  • [Mar 2016] Paper entitled “Automatic Summarization of Student Course Feedback”, collaboration with Wencan Luo, Zitao Liu, and Diane Litman at U of Pittsburgh, was accepted to NAACL 2016 as an Oral Presentation.
  • [Mar 2016] Dr. Liu was featured in the UCF Inspiring Excellence 2016
  • [Jan 2016] Dr. Liu will join a group of UCF faculty for an NSF visit on February 10–11.
  • [Jan 2016] Congratulations to Kexin Liao for being accepted to the CRA Grad Cohort 2016 in San Diego.