Natural Language Processing Group

Picture of Fei Liu
Dr. Fei Liu

The UCF NLP group conducts basic and applied research in the areas of text summarization, natural language generation, and deep learning. Our core technologies include natural language understanding, machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, deep learning and its applications to large-scale text data. Our mission is to develop innovative and robust natural language processing technologies that improve machine understanding of human language.

Research Areas

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Summarization
  • Natural Language Generation

Latest News

  • [August 2018] New paper titled “Adapting the Neural Encoder-Decoder Framework from Single to Multi-Document Summarization,” with Logan Lebanoff and Kaiqiang Song, was accepted at EMNLP 2018.
  • [August 2018] New paper titled “Automatic Detection of Vague Words and Sentences in Privacy Policies,” with Logan Lebanoff, was accepted at EMNLP 2018.
  • [July 2018] The UCF NLP group released new software “A Structure-infused Sentence Summarizer” powered by deep neural networks.
  • [July 2018] Paper entitled “A Novel ILP Framework for Summarizing Content with High Lexical Variety,” with Wencan Luo, Zitao Liu, and Diane Litman, was accepted by Journal of Natural Language Engineering.
  • [June 2018] Our COLING paper on AMR summarization was selected as “Area Chair Favorite“.
  • [May 2018] Dr. Liu serves as an Area Chair for EMNLP 2018.
  • [May 2018] Paper entitled “Structure-Infused Copy Mechanisms for Abstractive Summarization,” with Kaiqiang Song and Lin Zhao, was accepted at COLING 2018.
  • [May 2018] Paper entitled “Abstract Meaning Representation for Multi-Document Summarization,” with Kexin Liao and Logan Lebanoff, was accepted at COLING 2018.
  • [May 2018] Paper entitled “Reinforced Extractive Summarization with Question-Focused Rewards,” with Kristjan Arumae, was accepted at the Student Research Workshop of ACL 2018.
  • [May 2018] Dr. Liu and the UCF NLP group gratefully acknowledge a second gift fund from Bosch.
  • [July 2017] Dr. Liu will serve as a demonstrations co-chair (with Thamar Solorio) at ACL 2018.