Natural Language Processing Group

Picture of Fei Liu
Professor Fei Liu

The UCF NLP group directed by Professor Fei Liu conducts basic and applied research in the areas of natural language processing, automatic summarization, text generation, question answering, and deep learning. Our mission is to develop innovative and robust natural language technologies to improve machine understanding and synthesis of human language. The core technologies we have developed include robust algorithms for extractive and abstractive summarization, multi-document summarization, natural language generation, probabilistic graphical models, deep learning for NLP, and applications of NLP technologies to assist retrieval and summarization of document collections.

Research Areas

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Summarization
  • Natural Language Generation


  • [June 2021] Our paper titled “A New Approach to Overgenerating and Scoring Abstractive Summaries” was accepted at NAACL 2021.
  • [June 2021] A paper in collaboration with Dr. Mi Zhang and Shen Yan at Michigan State U was accepted to ICML 2021 (Long Talk).
  • [April 2021] Dr. Liu invited to give a virtual talk at Google Research, London.
  • [February 2021] Dr. Liu serves as Senior Area Chair at EMNLP 2021 and Area Chair at ACL 2021.
  • [October 2020] Dr. Liu presented an invited virtual talk at Microsoft Cognitive Services Research Group.